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Sustainable Educational Environmental Developmental Sessions is a science club project designed for six Y5 pupils to run sessions (probably at lunch time) for twelve pupils in Y2. This is a really exciting development in promoting science in primary schools and is truly sustainable in that the Y5 pupils will, as Y6 pupils, train up their replacements so that the science club can continue to run indefinitely.

SEEDS provides thirty numbered activities; each activity is complete in itself and is suitable for a thirty minute session. These sessions are intended to be short, practical, self-contained and fun.


The main aim is to help the Y5 pupils to develop confidence in presentation, communication, planning and organisational skills as well as consolidating their own scientific knowledge. It also encourages all the children involved to think in a scientific way about what they are doing, ask questions and communicate their observations and ideas.

Although the activities relate to scientific content accessible to both age groups, they are not meant to be little lessons.  They are not necessarily demonstrations either to provide right answers or to illustrate aspects of the KS1 curriculum. Neither are they necessarily investigations giving opportunities for recording, predictions, fair testing and conclusions based on evidence. The only running costs to the school are one or two small perishable items (needed for some activities) and a small amount of photocopying.


There are two ways of having SEEDS in your school.


Starter SEEDS

This is a small kit containing the specialised materials for fourteen carefully-selected activities. This costs just £140. Other activities can be bought at a reasonable cost as required.



A Workshop Leader runs one centrally-located INSET day for the adult supporter and the Y5 pupils from each of five local schools. Ongoing support for the club is available via e-mail and a members-only section on this website.

The cost per cluster of five schools is £3700 plus VAT; this includes the SEEDS activity kits, the INSET and ongoing support. For one school in isolation, the cost is £1000 plus VAT.

Active clubs can also affiliate themselves to the national STEM Clubs Network which can be contacted at:


“During OFSTED my club members presented to one of the inspectors and he was most impressed. He said he had never seen anything like it in other schools!”

  Teacher, Islington

"Thanks so much for the brilliant training last week."


Sara Islington


To find out how to join the SEEDS scheme email us at


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